Veterinarian Recommended Fungus Free Plus® is an All Natural Essential Oil Formula for a SERIOUSLY EFFECTIVE Holistic Remedy

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 Our Essential Oil Formula is naturally Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial and was formulated for Horses & Dogs to aid in the treatment of Pythium Insidiosum, Pythiosis, Thrush, Whiteline, Ringworm and many other skin problems


Fungus Free Plus® is an Essential Oil Blend (both anti-fungal & anti-bacterial) formulated to help aid in the treatment of Pythium Insidiosum or Pythiosis for Horses and Dogs.

At Fungus Free Plus®, we believe that our product is the best way to help alleviate a number of diseases and skin conditions in dogs, horses and other species of animals. Because we are animal lovers ourselves, we feel it is extremely important that folks who are responsible for the care of dogs and horses become aware of the threat of serious infections like Pythium Insidiosum or Pythiosis also known as Florida Leeches or Swamp Cancer. This disease is often misdiagnosed as a Summer Sore.

Time is critical every day that open sores go misdiagnosed, your animal’s chances of recovery are diminished. Please don’t wait.

With our 100% Manufacturer’s Money Back Guarantee, our Customers can use Fungus Free Plus® risk free!

Join the fight against Pythium Insidiosum today!

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